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As Fall Approaches, Don’t Fall For These Jewelry Mistakes

Temperature drops, leaves change, a cold breeze brushed up against the cheeks, the warmth of hot beverages, and literally the beginning of fashion season - what is not to love about Fall? We’ll tell you - certain jewelry mistakes! 

With the length of sleeves and bottoms crawling to cover the exposure of our skin to cold winds, the thought of wearing the appropriate jewelry or the effort to accessorize ourselves at all slips our minds. Matter of fact, jewelry is just as important in winters as much it is in summers. The right pairing can turn your look 360 degrees, and for good!

We have culled up the things you definitely should not do with your jewelry this season. Scroll On:

Lazy Layering

While throwing on jewelry over jewelry is a trend we totally love, but layering is an art that demands detailed attention to pairing (Yes, even during fall/winter!) While the snuggly mood of winter can take a toll over you, don’t let it show on your outfit. Be it necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even earrings, coordinate accordingly.  Big stones over beads, too many varieties of rings on one hand, and a messy bundle of necklaces are a few mistakes need to be avoided.


Too many statement pieces worn together     Balanced layering of chains and necklaces




Tanzire's 925 sterling silver Zelda ring Tanzire's 18k gold plated figaro link chain handmade necklace  Tanzire's 925 Sterling Silver Top Flat ring

Cutting Off Chunkies

As the grey sky replaces the sunshine yellow, our styles become mellow. As dull as this rhyme sounds, so does the no-chunky-jewelry style during fall/winter. It’s good to be classy and safe with the jewelry choices but that often dulls-down energy. Wearing chunky necklaces over a turtle or mock-turtleneck, pairing statement earrings over a  James Bond-inspired overcoat look, will give you a runway-ready fall look. You’ll also see how it instantly uplifts the mood. This fall, gravitate toward wearing oversized jewelry.


Basic coin pendant chain     Anna Wintour wearing crystal stone layered necklace




Tanzire's 18k gold plated semi-circle stud earrings    Tanzire's 24k gold plated textured gold ring     Tanzire's fabric tie-back 18k gold plated pendant necklace

Suspending Colors

Sticking to the safe golden and silver? Rethink. It is one of the most common jewelry mistakes we make during fall. Vibrant and poppy baubles are total game-changers. An all-black outfit? Throw on a minimal-yet-statement green hoops earrings. Let the greens, yellows, and pinks take over your fall look once in a while and enjoy a fun transformation. Paint a rainbow! 


Minimal basic gold hoops    Red Stud-dangler Earrings




Tanzire's Mink and Dusty Pink Crochet Tassel Earrings    Tanzire's Ash wood and sterling silver OCDV earrings     Tanzire's colorful enamel and coin pendant chunky necklace

No Jewelry At All

Do not give up on wearing jewelry cause your clothes have crawled up to cover your every body part. Do not go lazy about wearing jewelry. Stacked rings, necklaces add an extra edge to your look. A tied-back pony with statement earrings, or a turtle neck with layered necklaces, hands with rings, and stacked bracelets, and your fall runway look is ready!


Fall Street Style: wearing no jewelry   Pearl earrings and link chain gold lock necklace




Natural ebony wood and 925 sterling silver line ring    Tanzire's gold plated matte finish geometric earrings     Tanzire's 18k gold plated sleek bangle bracelet

Over-The-Top Statement-y

A big stone-studded necklace and shoulder-shrugging earrings together are a total no-no! Make a statement but try to keep it subtle with one piece of jewelry and avoid going overboard with it. Jewelry in contrast color against your outfit or big in size or embellished do their duty well.


Cluttered pairing of statement jewelry    Statement-making Earrings




Tanzire's boho conical bracelet    Tanzire's textured handmade ring     Tanzire's 925 sterling silver snake link chain layered necklace

Now that you know the jewelry tips and tricks for fall fashion, strut the road with a revamped look. Happy fall, everyone! ❤️


Did we miss any mistake? Enlighten us in the comments below:


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