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Tanzire x Neti Neti: In Conversation With The Indian Handmade Designer

Design inspiration, fall collection, collaboration, and more!
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Is it possible to go big yet sustain minimalism? We thought it was nearly impossible until we got acquainted with jewelry from Delhi-based handmade jewelry designer, Sonika G Bansal. A graduate from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, her wearable art at Neti Neti is unique, striking, and looks straight off the runway. From her ebony wood jewelry to abstract silver jewelry, the pieces look nothing like what we’ve seen before. Sonika has a fresh spin to the statement-making pieces though. She crafts them through with the tools of minimalism.

Neti Neti aesthetics are new to Tanzire but at some level, they also strike a chord of familiarity with our modern and minimal ethos. With nature as her muse and a common desire to bring different, unusual and relatable jewelry for contemporary women, Sonika and Tanzire joined hands to bring forth glamorously minimal jewelry for today’s experimental women.

In a candid chat with us, the designer shared the inspiration behind her jewelry, did fashion forecast for the upcoming season, and talked about her collaboration with Tanzire.

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Take us back to the inception of NETI NETI.

NETI NETI is just a few months old brand. It actually began with the purpose of meeting with a personal requirement. I struggled to find jewelry that is subtle, unique yet affordable. As I started to craft for myself, it slowly expanded into creating jewelry for friends and family. Seeing the women around me indulge in my taste of subtle-statement jewelry, I decided to step into the market and make for women around the world.

Each of your jewelry has structural & geometrical beauty. Tell us more about that.

The pieces are from my first ever collection, “Symbolic Shapes & Forms”. As this was my first collection, I wanted to start with the basics of design that mostly includes observing variant shapes and forms of nature. And, nature has so much to offer that I am sure it’ll be my muse forever. I believe every woman has a different side to her and so does nature for every different individual. Hence, I amalgamated both of them to make create unique jewelry that resonates with today’s modern women.

                        Neti Neti Ebony Wood and 925 Sterling Silver Caged Ring        Neti Neti Ebony Wood and 925 Sterling Silver Pyramid Earrings

If you look at the shapes, each one of them individually features different aesthetics and when put together, it paints the canvas with different shades. Which I think is so interesting! Also, for the collection, I have used broken barks of trees. This helps me contribute to nature by reusing the waste.  

The whole collection, in all, has definitely brought me closer to nature!

Who are the NETI NETI muses? How exactly would you define a NETI NETI woman?

My personal muses for fashion and life are my muses for Neti Neti too. Women like Naomi Campbell, Freida Kahlo, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Von Furstenberg are such huge inspirations for my distinctive designs. These women have an identity of their own and have always stood on their own instinct, which made them stand out from the crowd.

                        Neti Neti Ebony Wood and 925 Sterling Silver Pyramid Earrings        Neti Neti Ebony Wood and 925 Sterling Silver Square Drop Earrings

NETI NETI woman, similarly, is a strong individual who breaks free from stereotypical borders of the society. She is someone who sets her own rules, is confident in her own skin, and doesn’t need any validation for her beauty. A NETI NETI woman is basically someone who stands out from the crowd and takes full pride at owning it

As we’re approaching the Fall/Winter season, what type of collection can we expect from Neti Neti?

Our next collection would comprise of two extremes, i.e, Delicate and Bold. Also, there will be a rendition of the old connection between wood & metal and shapes & forms.

Minimal Jewelry has boomed and looks like it’s here to stay. Where do you see minimal jewelry in the future?

In every modern lady’s jewelry box! With growing awareness and fondness, more and more people are moving towards the “less-is-more” trend. Demi-fine jewelry, which champions minimalism at its best, will find a strong position. I believe minimal jewelry will not only stick to the dainty and dreamy designs but also explore bolder aesthetics. The elegance of minimal jewelry speaks for itself and at Neti Neti, we are constantly working on exploring new ways of reinventing minimalism.

                        Neti Neti 925 Sterling Silver Rudraksh Earrings        Neti Neti Ash Wood OCDV Earrings


What can modern women expect from Tanzire x Neti Neti collaboration?

Firstly, collaborating with a brand like Tanzire allows us to spread our wings in the untapped market and reach women from around the around. Both Tanzire and NETI NETI believe that today’s modern women seek jewelry that speaks her distinctive personality and embraces every shade in her. This collaboration aims at meeting the true desires of them with our minimal, contemporary, and fun jewelry.

Check out the abstract, statement-making handmade jewelry from Neti Neti on our website!




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