The Art of Giving Back Through Jewelry

The Art of Giving Back Through Jewelry

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Gandhi 

The simplest act of giving back in any shape or form fills you up with tender warmth and joy that lasts for a long, long time. This is exactly what International Day of Charity is all about, lending a hand to those in need and supporting organizations and charities that are out there in the world, striving to make a difference. 

Over the last 2 years, since our inception in 2019, we at Tanzire have been striving to build a community of empathetic, progressive individuals that believe in creating a better world, together. We use our platform to not just introduce the world to unique and meaningful handcrafted demi-fine jewelry from across the globe but take decisive actions towards supporting causes that we all strongly believe in.

Amongst the many fundraisers and charities, we have taken part in, supporting the LGBTQ+ community during the time of lockdown with The Humsafar Trust and raising funds to facilitate the supply of oxygen cylinders through Hemkunt Foundation and Mission Oxygen India really touched our hearts. 




It is our privilege and utmost honor to be able to give back to our community in this way and we also feel truly humbled to collaborate with designers who, too, use their resources to help those in need in any way possible. 


Audrey Migot-Adholla, Yala Jewellery


Jewelry designer Audrey's passion for helping and supporting people in need through her craft is reflected in the ethos of her brand, Yala. She works with over 150 local Massai women from Kenya, ensuring their health and financial security and empowering them through their work. 

Audrey also donates to several charities, two of them being the Kenya Red Cross and AMREF (African Medical Research Foundation) in Nairobi. She gave handcrafted fabric face masks to these organizations which were distributed amongst the less privileged non-medical personnel to reduce the risk of COVID-19.



Paola and Humbert, PD Paola


Designer Duo from Spain, Paola, and Humbert through their demi-fine jewelry brand PD Paola, work towards a key purpose, to craft a better future for young women and girls in developing countries. 

Every year they collaborate with Plan International Foundation, a humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and gender equality and donate to their cause. 

Their aim is to empower women to gain a place in their community and open their future to new possibilities. 



Gosia Orlowska, Gosia Orlowska Designs

Hailing from Hong Kong, designer Gosia Orlowska artfully combines traditional Asian craftsmanship with European flair and craft international, bespoke jewelry for the modern woman. 

She uses these art pieces to raise funds for various charitable organizations and programs, one of them being the Hong Kong Charity Bazaar. Furthermore, she donated a big portion of the funds collected from this event to Hands On Hong Kong, a charity that serves as a hub for Non-profit organizations and volunteers harboring the zeal to serve their community. 




These are some of the many designers we work with who are using their talent and skills to uplift their community and create a positive impact. 


Building a brand from scratch and marketing it to the world is not an easy feat, yet these independent designers achieve that beautifully while also recognizing the pressing issues in society and lending a helping hand in any way possible. Tanzire is infinitely proud to be affiliated with such creators who strive to bring positivity to people through their craft and do their bit to make this planet a better place to live in. 


Each piece they create is a reflection of their beliefs, values, and generosity and inspires those who wear them each day.

And every single purchase you make at Tanzire helps our designers support these causes and their craft and gives you the chance to be part of something truly remarkable and noble.

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