Meet Tanzire’s Founder, Suhani Batwara

Meet Tanzire’s Founder, Suhani Batwara

It has been decades in the making, the much-needed paradigm shift in the socio-economic role of women and their foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Taking the reins into their own hands, women are now taking charge of the future and one such visionary is our Founder and Creative Head Suhani Batwara.

Merely 22 years old Suhani dreamt of creating a legacy, building something unique and meaningful, and making an impact on the world; and thus came Tanzire. Since our inception in 2019, Suhani has been relentlessly working behind the scenes to grow Tanzire and make it the biggest one-stop destination for global demi-fine jewelry. 

Barely in our 2nd year of operations, we have been acknowledged by many prestigious fashion houses and lifestyle magazines for our authenticity and strong values, and it all boils down to the vision and aspirations of one woman.

So, we think it is about time we introduce the lady behind the platform and get an in-depth look into Suhani Batwara’s entrepreneurial journey. 

Thin Ring BandOvoid Ring, and Rolo Chain Choker


What inspired you to start Tanzire?

Tanzire is the blend of two things that I love the most, traveling and fashion. Living in Hong Kong, traveling to different countries made me appreciate and understand the importance of cross-cultural values in one’s life and Tanzire’s vast collection of global demi-fine jewelry gives people a chance to experience just that. 

I have also grown up in a family of jewelers which has offered me a front-row seat to witness the growth and evolution of this industry over the years. As glamorous as it is, this industry is also quite fragmented when it comes to demi-fine jewelry’s demand and availability and the lack of resources for its independent artisans. It further motivated me to build a platform dedicated to such artisans and their demi-fine handmade jewelry.


Why only Demi-fine jewelry? 

I have always considered handmade jewelry to be an expression of self and hoped that these beautiful works of art be seen as more than a collection of precious stones and metals. This is where demi-fine jewelry came in, it bridges the gap between fine and fashion jewelry and the fact that it is mostly crafted by independent artisans makes it more personal and unique. Furthermore, our target audience, Millennials, and GenZ are a woke generation, they look for meaning and purpose behind their purchases and want to make conscious decisions. Needless to say, it is of utmost importance to me to offer them affordable handmade jewelry that is unique, inspiring, and sustainably crafted. 



Tell us about the artisans you collaborate with and how do you find them? 

As of now, we are working with women artisans owning a small or medium-sized business. Owing to the dearth of resources and financial backing they are their own manufacturers, photographers, and models, a one-woman-army for their brands. We firmly believe that art can harmoniously coexist with nature hence we put a lot of emphasis on showcasing eco-conscious jewelry, a value that we look for in all our artisans. We make use of social media to find and reach out to such artisans whose vision aligns with ours.  


What is your vision for Tanzire? 

To me, the truest expression of Tanzire is mutual upliftment; our diverse community of inclusive and progressive individuals empowering and supporting each other throughout. 


Tri-Hoop Earrings and Herringbone Snake Chain 


What does success mean to you? 

Although the majority of people associate success with monetary gains, I, however, feel that success is more rooted in a person’s internal growth and strength. It’s about facing every day’s challenges head-on and showing up every day for a job that I absolutely love and never take for granted. Success in my opinion is also about crafting independence and freedom for myself through ideas and hard work. 


How do you define your personal style? 

Comfortable, easy to wear, chic. I love wearing demi-fine pieces that reflect my current mood and are versatile enough that they can be paired with most of my outfits. 


Could you show some of your favorite demi-fine pieces?

Some of my favorites from our various artisan collections at Tanzire are: Herringbone chain from Australia, Gold Pinky Ring and Chain Link Bracelet from Paris.


Chain Link BraceletCroissant Ring, and Cigar Gold Band Ring


Are there any pieces that carry a special meaning to you? 

If I am being completely honest then almost every piece showcased on our platform holds a special place in my heart. Nevertheless, if I have to specify one particular collection, then it is the lock collection by PD Paola. You can get the dainty padlocks engraved with your initials making it more personal and one of the best gifts options on our platform. 


Are there any tips and tricks to jewelry styling that you follow?

My style leans more towards comfort and feeling good about what I wear. You could be wearing the most expensive accessory out there, but if you don’t feel confident in it, then it doesn’t work. 

I personally love to pair my chunky, statement earrings with a minimal, delicate chain and create fun stacks out of bracelets. I enjoy mixing metals as well to give an interesting twist to my looks.


Silver Lock Pendant Necklace and Hollow Oval ring


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, what keeps you going?

As much I love what I do, there are days when it becomes overwhelming. On such days I take myself back to the beginning, remind myself of the reasons why I took this path. I remind myself about the community we have built, the artisans we work with, and their culture and traditional craft that we promote. This gets me through those tough times. 


Any advice or message you wish to give young women chasing after their dreams? 

No matter what you decide to do in life, you will always be faced with hurdles and speed-bumps. No path is easy, but it is yours, so own it. If it feels right to you and holds a deep meaning in your life, then just go for it. In the next 20 years when you look back at your life, you will only regret the chances you didn’t take and not the risks that you overcame. So, go ahead, if you value your dream, then take that risk. 

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