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A Capsuled Store For Handmade Demi-Fine Jewelry

Our contemporary and unique jewelry pieces are finely handcrafted by individual artisans from nooks and corners of the world

Our Story

There were multiple thoughts that struck us regarding the growing commercial and online world for jewelry. The dying fascination towards handmade pieces, the dearth of platforms binding the eccentric jewelry culture from around the world, and the scattered jewelry market for millennial women were the core ones. So, in late 2018, we worked toward building a dedicated store of minimal-yet-striking handmade and sustainable demi-fine jewelry, which is unburdened by borders and limitations. “Why demi-fine jewelry?”, you may ask. Because it’s a bridge between fashion and fine jewelry, made predominantly from golden and silver vermeil, which connects the best with modern women’s taste.

Our philosophy is rooted in championing sustainability and blurring the borders for jewelry!

And, in the year 2019, Tanzire was born! We kickstarted our journey of curating handmade demi-fine jewelry pieces from modern and niche artisans across the world. Each piece carries a beautifully weaved story from artisans’ inspirations and a country’s cultural values that need to be heard. And, we aim to be a medium of narrating this story from one country to another, from an artisan to the consumer. It also gives us immense pride to collaborate with designers who follow sustainable techniques to make handmade jewelry designs.

Jewelry knows no borders and its best comes across when it flows wildly from one country to another!

Every Tanzire jewelry, from gold-plated chains to tassel earrings, from hoop earrings to choker necklaces, or from pearl beaded necklaces to stackable rings, is minimal and modern and yet statement-making. It’s assured that the uniquely designed and curated pieces will meet the desires of different women and complement their distinct personality.

Our office is headquartered in Hong Kong and we currently have designers from Morocco, Spain, Honduras, Vietnam, New York, Hong Kong, Bali and more.

Try it before you buy it

If endless choices leave you confused, you can choose to try on your favorite pieces at Tanzire in real time - with the help of Augmented Reality.

Sell what you love

You’ve got jewelry, we’ve got a market. We’re constantly working on making your jewelry designs more accessible to a wide range of audience. By getting up close and in conversation with our shoppers, we’re getting them to understand the creative process that you as the jewelry designer engages in.

Buy what you love

From geometric minimalists to spotlight-loving statements, at Tanzire, you get to indulge in jewelry that unveils you. Explore meaningful relationships with your unique jewels. So choose a piece that holds your ethos and makes your inner light shine, that much brighter.