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4 Rihanna-Approved Jewelry Trends You Can Buy On Tanzire

Never running out of style!

Rihanna’s journey has been just like a diamond - hard work turned into a sparkling result! Apart from the musical work work work, the RnB and Pop sensation is a legendary fashion force, who two years ago expanded her creative repertoire with the launch of - Fenty Beauty. Rihanna’s fashion of bold lips, love for bling, and maximalism have stolen a big spotlight over the years, making her a fashion icon who not only breaks the monotony but also continually sets new trends.

What we’re gonna focus on in this blog is her extraordinary love for jewelry. She is the OG queen of maximalism style and surely there is nobody who does jewelry and accessories style like her. From stacking up rings, bracelets, and necklaces to adorning everything that blings, Ri Ri has taken a step ahead in making extra AF jewelry style an everyday essential.


Be it slaying new fashion trends or creating a cult, her jewelry is a different mood on its own. We discuss the 4 different types of jewelry styles that the singer-turned-entrepreneur has worn and stuck by through all these years. And, we found love in each one of them!


Take a look: 


Choker and Layered Necklaces

Rihanna Fairy Layered Choker Necklace Iconic Rihanna Layered Choker Necklace LookCasual Rihanna Choker Necklace Look


Owning drama and taking the risk is the typical Rihanna fashion. Even in the classic 90’s choker style, she threw in a few layers. In fact, we do believe that putting different necklaces together was started by RiRi a long time ago. She is the glam woman who infuses rock-and-roll nonchalantly. The mix and match style is what Ri Ri totally approves of! While the singer pairs chokers and different necklaces in an eccentric and bold way, you can throw in a few minimal pieces of jewelry. 


The Cross-Sign Pendant Necklace 

Buy Rihanna Cross Style PendantVintage Rihanna Fashion Cross Sign Pendant NecklaceRihanna Cross Pendant Red Carpet Look


Who could have imagined of pulling off a religious pendant on red carpets? Ri Ri is a lover of the cross-sign pendant necklaces and wears on different occasions to create unpredictable looks. Sometimes a simple pendant chain, sometimes strung in a striking choker, and sometimes layered with silver chains, she has been spotted wearing the style in various ways. 


Big/Small/Whateva Size Hoop Earrings

Oversized Hoop Earrings Rihanna Shop Rihanna Textured Hoop EarringsMinimal Rihanna Hoops


They say there is no occasion where hoop earrings cannot fit and maybe that’s why the classic style is still a ruling earring trend in 2019. And, Ri Ri has been that one celebrity who has never given up on this style. The singer-entrepreneur absolutely loves her hoops. Be it streets, glamorous occasions, or baseball matches, she wears and flaunts her collection of hoops of different colors, sizes, and textures. 


Stacked Up Hands

Rihanna's Favourite Stackable Rings and BraceletsShop Rihanna's Glamorous Stackable RingsBuy stackable jewelry like Rihanna


We won’t be wrong when we say that Rihanna’s hands are art in their own way. The tribal tattoos are accompanied by multiple handmade bracelets and handmade rings. There will be rare moments when we’ll find her hands sans stacked up jewelry. From graceful fine jewelry to blings, this is another new age trend that Ri Ri owns and slays!


Find these cult and evergreen pieces of handcrafted jewelry on our website and pull a Rihanna any day you want.  And did we mention free shipping on your first order?

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