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Evolution of Minimal Jewelry Through The Decades

Six roller coaster decades!

Keeping it simple, basic, and minimal - who would have thought this could be a whole another jewelry trend? Well, but the good part is, it has! And, how wonderfully it has fit into the lifestyle of today’s on-the-go women. After turning a blind eye towards this eternal trend through the experimental and evolving years we have finally realized that the minimal jewelry trend is the one that should have never been away from our sights. 


Just a few years ago it made a visible comeback and in no time it transited from appearing sporadically to becoming a MUST-HAVE! Now that it is here to stay, let’s take a recap of how it boomed, doomed, made a cameo, hibernated, and got reinvented through all these decades.  


The Sixties 


An era when the women-freedom rebellion through fashion began and jewelry played a huge role. Women started to break up with the monotonous way of jeweling up in only pearls and diamonds and widened their horizon as they turned towards minimal jewelry. It was in this era when stacked rings and bangles, and layered necklaces made a fashionable entry. More hoops of different sizes were spotted to match the more free, casual, and relaxed attitude of women.


The Seventies


The minimalism trend continued quite well in the mid-70s. The bell sleeves and flared pants were paired with studs and dangle earrings. While the clothes went an exaggerated way, jewelry somehow managed to stay at the subtle corner. However, during the late 70s, with the expansion of rock-and-roll and pop culture, fashion expression began to become louder and so, the minimalism trend kind of took a backseat.


The Eighties 


What the Late 70s saw in a pinch, the eighties saw in bulk. All of the 80s had simply nothing to do with muted colors, designs, and patterns. Everything was pop-colored, exaggerated, and was a statement on its own. Even the classic hoops got more statement-y and were seen in louder shapes - like conical. Also, the golden color was shinier than ever! 


The Nineties


And, then came the 90s, which undoubtedly was the game-changer in the fashion industry for so many ways. In fact, it was a reinvention of the 60s. The minimal jewelry trend found itself a bigger place of acceptance. Dainty lace chokers, crystal earrings, delicate pendant sets, and super petite earrings (which actually continued till the early 2000s) made jewelry an essential part of the young-adult women too. 


The Noughties


While few minimal trends from the nighties continued in the early 2000s, they soon found an experimental rendition. The whole of 2000 to 2009, if we may say, was fashion in all finding its way from all the experiments. From conch shells to beads to dangling earrings to crystals to basic studs, the noughties tried and tested everything. The minimalist trend proved to be a favorite, however, in a strange and unique way. 


The Twenty-tens


The early years of the twenty-tens were divided into two parts - either they were too huge like JLo’s studs or no jewelry at all. The minimal hoops made a cameo once in a while though. 2013 and 2014 onwards is when the minimal jewelry began to make a comeback. The coin pendants, stacked gold and silver rings, layered necklaces, and all of the other Pinterest-y styles grabbed eyeballs. The basic gold-plated stackable rings and bangles and dainty yet statement-making jewelry rapidly made way into people’s jewelry boxes. 


Of all the trends, the minimalist jewelry trend tends to stay closer to today’s modern women because of its comfort, class, and unbeatable contemporary style. It doesn’t get too heavy on the skin and yet exudes fashion that perfectly matches with modern women’s personality. At Tanzire, you can shop minimal jewelry and choose from a wide range of options. Our artisanal jewelry is uniquely handcrafted at different parts of the world.

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