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5 Trends That’ll Blow-up In 2020 (And They’re Pinterest-Approved)

We’re just a few days away from entering into a whole new decade - the Year 2020 and we can’t wait to unveil what the new year has in store to offer. How do we plan to do that? With a crystal ball? Definitely not. It’s your preferences that have guided us for the upcoming year. Pinterest has come up with its top 100 trends for the year 2020.  The social media web went through its searches from August 2017 to July 2019 by its 320 million users across the world to identify the key trends.

The data based on pinners’ most researched topics gives us 10 leading themes that hold 10 trends each that we can expect to see everywhere next year. And, we’re glad to be a leader of them since our inception. We’ve listed down 5 trends of them that Tanzire has been a staunch promoter of and will continue to do so in the next year. Check (and shop to stay ahead) them out:


90s Rerun

If you thought 90’s return was just a fad, let us tell you that it’s not. The nostalgia is here to stay and slay stronger than ever. “These days, we’re living like it’s 1999,” Pinterest reports. We’re seeing 90s references all over, from high-fashion runways to retro devices. As Millennials get older, they’re reliving fond memories and bonding over shared experiences. Meanwhile, Gen Z is discovering 90s culture for the first time and putting their own twist on the trends. The obsession with all things 90s just keeps growing,” it adds further. 

90’s fashion trend runs into the blood of Tanzire. All of our handmade designers incorporate the snazzy 90s vibe into their minimal jewelry, in one or another way. And, as Pinterest reports, “For many, it’s a nostalgic rewind back to a more lighthearted era.”





Conscious Consumption

“A push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we live—from everyday choices to life’s biggest milestones,” says Pinterest. There’s a much-needed shift in people’s shopping attitude. Rather than hoarding environment-harming products, consumers prefer owning fewer but value-adding items that do not degrade our environment. “In a Nielsen study, 81% of people strongly agreed that companies should help improve the environment,” Pinterest reports.

Our relationship with conscious consumption is one of the founding pillars of Tanzire. From the jewelry-making process at our various designers’ studios to plastic-free packaging at our end, sustainability drives us. Handmade using materials like broken barks and stainless steel, our aim through jewelry is to make sustainable fashion a part of everyone’s lifestyle.




Space Everything

As per the social media platform’s data, space is what will occupy everyone’s minds in 2020. “As companies prepare for potential 2020 launch dates, people are getting lost in their outer space daydreams. An extra boost comes from the current focus on STEM educational topics,” reports Pinterest. For the cosmos-lover in you, we have celestial-body inspired jewelry collection - LUNAR. Inspired by the beauty of the night sky, the collection features the radiance of the moon.




Internationally Inspired

“The world feels smaller than ever as people trade influences and traditions every which way,” analyses Pinterest’s report and we couldn’t agree more. One of Tanzire’s conception pillars has been blurring borders through jewelry. Our handmade jewelry comes from countries like Morocco, Italy, Honduras, Spain, Vietnam, and so many more. Tanzire tribe not only gets to choose from variant handmade designs but is also introduced to different cultures from different countries. Hence, they get a chance to experience the art, culture, and lifestyle of various countries through our jewelry.

Besides providing a variety to choose from, women also get to experience the aesthetics of another culture through



“These days, you don’t need a passport to get hands-on with other cultures. Artisans, chefs, and everyday people alike are using digital media to share their stories,” the site states and we’re proud to that medium. Add more cultures and make your jewelry collection more global with Tanzire’s jewelry.


Finding Balance

The Pinterest report suggests that in these times of stress, people are looking for experiences that can help in their path of self-discovery. “Next year, people will be thinking about wellness in a more everyday way, as they look for easy habits to counter anxiety, stress, and burnout,” states the report. 

Our minimalist jewelry line by women artisans from around the world is a celebration of the everyday achievements of a woman. It’s a reward from her to her that pats her back for surviving and powering through the daily ups and downs. The distinct design is an appreciation of a woman’s individual personality. “Whatever your style, there are lots of easy ways to get a daily dose of positive vibes,” says Pinterest and we believe our minimal, women-made jewelry is that dose.  It also maintains a fine balance between minimalism and maximalism and champions the calmness acquired by the amalgamation of both.





Which trend are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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