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These 20 Contemporary Jewelry Are Perfect Holiday Gifts for You, Your Partner, Mom, BFF, Everyone!


It’s that time of the year when the Christmas Cheer and New Year’s thrill has got us all bounced up with happiness. Now of course, the lit-up streets and warmth-carrying-air and getting together with family and friends is the well-defined holiday spirit but it’s supremely incomplete without GIFTS! And, as we speak of holiday gifts, jewelry till date stands to be one of the most personal form of gifts.

It forms a connection, strengthens the bond, and speaks about your personal relationship with the person. Now, it’s time to end your quest for best holiday-season gifts. So, here we are with Tanzire’s 20 contemporary jewelry that will make yours and your loved ones’ holiday merrier!

In the spirit of festivals, let’s begin scrolling and shopping gifts to remember forever.

1. Our Initials Collection


As we were talking about the importance of gifting something that touches the receiver on a personal level and how jewelry plays that role perfectly. 

Why is it perfect? Initial jewelry ticks all the criteria as an ideal holiday gift. Because it’s personalized, it displays your thoughtfulness and displays your love. Our collection houses pendants and earrings for all the letters - from A to Z. They’re handmade in 925 sterling silver, plated with 18k gold and silver and studded with different zircons.


2. Tri-Hoop True Earrings

Why is it perfect? Firstly, you can never go wrong with hoops earrings. They’re classic, versatile, and a total fail-safe option. And, when mixed with fine-contemporary-craftsmanship of Spain, it becomes even better. Your girls, nieces, or oh-so-fashionable aunts, everyone is going to admire and fall in love with this gift.


3. Glass Pendant Necklace


Why is it perfect? It’s elegant and eloquent at the same time. The gold and crystal combination adds elegance and the hand blown glass displays the transparency we look in a relationship. Hence, it is definitely an ideal gift for your mother, for there is no love stronger, unconditional, and transparent as hers. Crafted with a unique concept - inspired by droplet, in Thailand, this is a gift she’ll remember forever.


4. Eden Green Drop-stud Glass Statement Earrings


Why is it perfect? Because nothing speaks of Christmas better than the color green. These are cute and celebratory just like the festival. This pair, taking its inspiration from natural droplets, is handcrafted in Thailand using hand blown glass and 925 sterling silver. These will enchant your loved ones with its uniqueness and natural beauty.


5. Ti Amo Engraved Rings


Why is it perfect? Because they let you express your love and affection without having you use too many words. Coming from the land of fashion - Italy, these handcrafted rings feature gorgeously engraved ‘Ti Amo’ words on them. Available in 18k gold plating and silver plating, pick your choice for your beloved one.


 6. Stackable Cuff Bracelets



Why is it perfect? Because we need jewelry that echoes our merriness. Staycation or vacation, these zirconia studded, heart-tipped bracelets will upgrade your loved ones’ looks with its chic-playfulness. Available in 18k gold and silver platings with different zircon combinations, buy your girls our stackable handmade-in-Italy cuff bracelets.


7. Inverse Hearts Choker


Why is it perfect? Because your inner-fashionista is looking forward to a gift that can match with her impeccable sense of fashion. Surprise her with this supremely chic yet playful 18k gold plated choker necklace, which is handcrafted in Italy, featuring adorable zircon-studded inverse hearts. This holiday, get fashion-approved by your fashion-forward girl.


 8. Ebony Wood Line Ring


Why is it perfect? Because it’s strong and natural, the kind of bond we promise and celebrate with our friends & family. Gift a handmade ring that signifies the true essence of a relationship and it’s just as rare as your special person. Crafted in India using natural ebony wood and 925 sterling silver, this ring is a gift to perfection.


9. Double Triangle Earrings


Why is it perfect? Its fine craftsmanship along with contemporary design will fill your loved ones holiday time with mirth and merriment. Handcrafted in stainless steel with 18k gold plating, this pair is a long-lasting, timeless piece. For the fashion-loving working women, this handcrafted-in-Spain piece of jewelry is a blessing.


10. Ovoid Pendant Necklace


Why is it perfect? Because it’s minimal, effortless, and timeless, it’s an addition your girl would love to welcome in her jewelry box. Featuring subtle, and everyday aesthetics, this pendant necklace, handcrafted in Spain, makes a gift that is useful on an everyday basis. It’s a style that connects with every girl, hence making it a fail-safe pick for all.


11. Semi-precious Stone Layered Necklace


Why is it perfect? The effortless combination of modern design and traditional Indian stones come alive beautifully in this necklace. For the modern, updated, always on-the-go woman in your life, this necklace will be a reminder to embrace every shade in her. It is handcrafted using magenta druzy stone and crystal.


12. Magnolia Tassel Earrings


Why is it perfect? Boho and chic come together to break conventions of a regular jewelry design in this quirky pair of tassel earrings. Available in several colors, this pair is handcrafted in Hong Kong using silk tassel threads and gold plated base. For the girl in your life who is wanting to welcome change but is hesitant, gift this pair to let her begin the journey.


13. White Charms Bangle


Why is it perfect? Because not only does it carry vision of our handmade Moroccan designer but also carries story and hard work of many small women artisans of Morocco. Featuring three pretty white charms hung on a brass bangle, the bangle will be a lovely gesture of “peace-making” with your sister. *Peace-out*


14. Olive Green Knotted Necklace


Why is it perfect? The bright olive-green color of this multi layered knotted necklace infuses positivity into the environment instantly. And, with a gift like this, the receiver will welcome the new year with a brighter and positive note. It is handmade in India using cotton cords. 


15. Textured Ocean Bracelet


Why is it perfect? It’s said, small, little caring moments make memories that last for a lifetime. This piece, which is handcrafted in India, features the beauty of detailed craftsmanship that is timeless. Handmade using cuttlebone casting-inspired technique, this bracelet is a gift for the perfection-demanding artist in your life.


16. Bamboo Thick Ring


Why is it perfect? The raw beauty of this piece is enough for the receiver to fall in love with you and your gift! Don’t believe us? See the details: It is handcrafted in Vietnam using hammer-texturing technique to define the structure of bamboo-like sticks. Those are neatly stuck together on a 925 sterling silver ringlet. Minimal yet glamorous - this ring is a total steal!


17. Textured Hoop Earrings


Why is it perfect? Hoop earrings, which are intricately designed? Who wouldn’t love that? Available in gold and silver plating, these hoops are textured on the surface that adds the oomph factor to the piece. These beauties are handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia and carries the country’s beach-side beauty.


18. Textured Statment Ring


Why is it perfect? This one’s not only perfect for the receiver but also for the giver. Every year, same festival, same holiday-planning, same gifts! Give a break to gifting boring items and add value to your gift. Handcrafted in Honduras, this 24k gold plated ring features coral bodies-resembling textures with a shining surface. Also, size isn’t an issue as it’s adjustable. Voila!


19. Spiral Ring


Why is it perfect? Simple because it has been one of our bestselling and most-loved pieces. Handmade in Spain, this ring is crafted in stainless steel and plated with 18k gold. It is statement enough to be worn solo and subtle enough to be stacked with other Tanzire dainty rings.


20. Zircon-studded Bangle


Why is it perfect? It’s a bangle that sparks joy. Literally! Tiny little zircons are studded on the surface of a chic and classy gold plated bangle. Certainly, it’s an addition that will light up the receiver’s festival time.


With all these pieces, you’re also gifting an artisan’s story to the wearer.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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