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5 Ways Your Favourite Influencers Are Mixing Jewelry With Accessories

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5 names. 5 stars. 5 icons. There’s a reason why these fashionistas, gurus and influencers are where they are and do what they do. Blessed with a keen eye for aesthetics, details, vibes, eras and moods, these seven superstars have chosen to do the God’s work. Take your inspiration from them, because they truly know how to make a single piece of jewellery go the distance!

Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung needs no introduction. Fashion designer, stylist, author and influencer ‘reina reinante’, she has the natural authenticity of someone who understands fashion, style, and its implications in all its entirety. She loves combining two elements that give to each other when it comes to the era she’s trying to recreate.

Here she mixes fur, fishnet and pearls; In another, an oceanic vibe with sea shell necklace and the tropical scarf; and a lends herself to a classic Victorian vibe with Pistachio green, micro pleats and of course pearls!



Danielle Bernstein


Danielle Bernstein started blogging when she was just a sophomore in college in 2010. Today, it’s the iconic blog we know as We Wore What. With her alma mater Fashion Institute of Technology solidifying her effortless navigation in the world of style. Was she also the last influencer who is also a blogger? We’ll never know! But she is definitely the first blogger and influencer to have a product collaboration with Joe’s Jeans!

Her styling of accessories is extremely precise and a well-thought exercise. Her deep understanding of the balance of elements reflects in her images. Here, from the waist belt to the earrings, she pairs a thematic bunch of jewelry together. Alternatively, she also ensures that heavy chandeliers are paired with a minimal pendant necklace and stacks of them with minimal earrings.



Leandra M Cohen


The founder of everyone’s beloved blog, Man Repeller, what can be said about Leandra (Medine) Cohen’s style that’s not already been said. She’s real, she’s vivacious, irreverent and super unafraid to be herself! What started as a hobby in 2010 is today a feminist–fashion-lifestyle blog, accompanied with designer collaborations, eponymous label launches and book publishings.

Her style is based off off what I would call a calculated mx and match, that thoroughly encapsulates her ‘not-take-myself-too-seriously’ personality! Here she is seen mixing metals, pearls & crystals and stacks of everything!



Jeanne Damas


Jeanne Damas is nothing if not consistent. The absolutely stunning French It Girl, co-author of In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light, and founder-designer at Rouje, is timeless, sensual and absolutely raw. A lover of everything ‘au naturale’, Jeanne Damas knows what looks good on her (it’s literally everything!) but multiplies it by capitalising on that. Because she’s not a huge fan of chunky, over-borrowed, over-the-top things that look like they’ve been put there, here style is minimal, solid French with a few quick switches here and there!



Akanksha Redhu


Akanksha Redhu, an Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger also started her blog as an “interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations and daydreams.” After collaborating with hundreds of brands, including Dior, Coach, Agent Provocateur, Marc Jacobs and more (too many biggies to count honestly!) her blog today is evolved into the fashion & lifestyle haunt that her fan following religiously frequents!

Her style is all about statement accessories making an appearance at the right place and the right time. Even with her everyday style, she capitalises on minimalist accessories, but ones that stand out.


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