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The Busy Girl's Guide To Having The Best Jewelry

Whether you’re busy or lazy, we’re rounding up the best jewelry pieces you could stock! This jewelry is versatile, multi-purpose and easy to store.

We love jewelry! But, we also get that not everyone has the time to browse trends, multiple catalogs and figure out whether they have enough outfits to see those through. We’re also aware that that does not discount occasions where wearing jewelry becomes mandatory. They get by with accidental purchases here and there, presents received, and borrows.

Either way, that’s no reason to not own and sublimely enjoy jewelry! In fact, both seem to be motivated to capture a closet capsule of the classics, curated especially for a sense of timelessness.

These here are 5 jewelry pieces, owning which will provide you with a gamut of alternatives to choose from.


2 Pairs of asymmetrical earrings

It’s simple really. Having two similar pairs of the asymmetrical earring will not only get you an asymmetrical pair but also 2 alike ones. You can choose for these to be as heavy or minimalist or textured as you’d like it to be. We’d say, pick a pair with wide differences between both designs.


Long multi-beaded necklace/Choker

This is one of the best investment buys you could engage in. In pastel neutral colors such as tan, mocha, beige, sand, camel, opt for a long beaded necklace with at least 2-3 layers. Turn it into a statement choker by knotting it once around your neck. Choose and experiment with both patterns depending upon the neckline of your blouse. The lighter hues will make the choker look that much classier.


Stackable rings

Stackable rings are one of the easiest ways to look put together. They’re geometric and classy, with a definitely global appeal. Wear them in variations of solo or stacked. You can even opt for the set with midi rings in it! Fair warning though, these are going to make your manicure pop!



Invest in 3-4 different types of chains with at least three varying lengths. Go from minimal to slightly statement-esque depending on your taste. Serve your stackable rings as pendants and wear everything from bracelets, chokers, long necklace chains, and even anklets. Ring pendants are definitely all the rage! Brownie points if some are in rose gold!

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