8 Men Whose Instagram Feeds Ooze With Fashion Inspiration We Could All Use

8 Men Whose Instagram Feeds Ooze With Fashion Inspiration We Could All Use

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The coming together of fashion and Instagram has been nothing but magical. One of the best outcomes of this marriage, though, has to be the door it opened for menswear fashion. Even in 2021, there are still so many feeds to be inspired by, fashion-forward personalities to discover and creativity to explore. And while it may be a big time cliché, there really isn’t a better occasion than today, International Men’s Day, to highlight some of these creators and style experts that we regularly keep up with. 

Yes, there’s plenty of reasons why we love what they do but considering us, what we love most is how they incorporate jewelry in their style and really give meaning to the entire idea of it surpassing boundaries like gender. So here’s our list of male digital creators and stylists we think you should look up and definitely regularly stalk on Instagram. And before anything, here’s wishing you a Happy International Men’s Day! Don’t forget to show some extra love to all the lovely men in your life today. 

Siddharth Batra 

Here’s what you’ll learn from Siddharth’s digital scrapbook — don’t let any kind of “fashion rules” or style stereotypes hold you back. Go crazy with colour, mix a variety of feminine and masculine styles and decorate your looks with at least a single piece of jewelry. Because let’s face it, a look just feels incomplete without jewelry, no? 



Justin Livingston  

Justin strikes the perfect balance between classy and a sexy, rustic vibe. His style is minimal but playful and quite soothing to look at. He bends towards neutral tones and figure-flattering outfits that he often takes up a notch with minimal jewelry. Think coin pendants, pearl chokers, encrusted necklaces, dainty bracelets that lend the looks just the right amount of glam. If you’re a minimalist at heart, you’re going to love bookmarking his OOTDs for inspo! 



Nikhil Kandhari  

Learn how to make even the most basic outfits look like ensembles apt for a fashion show from Nikhil. His trick is to play around with prints, size and include a host of vibrant hues in his outfits. And then add minimal jewelry like dainty beaded chokers, chunky chain link necklaces or a nice watch to the mix for an effortless style upgrade.  



Wisdom Kaye 

Wisdom will best show you how to channel your sass through fashion and curate standout, statement-making looks. He effortlessly oscillates between retro looks to futuristic ensembles to dapper street style and dials up the fabulousness with his accessory picks. Some days he goes for a statement stack of rings teamed with layered necklaces. Other days he’ll go with a single pendant necklace or a single arm candy. Point is, he appreciates and understands the pivotal role of jewelry in fashion.



Param Sahib 

Bold, full of panache, eccentric and not for the faint-hearted, Param’s feed is an eclectic gallery of his pop culture art and maximalist fashion. Undoubtedly, his maximalist aesthetic applies to his jewelry choices as well which lack no colour, are always unique in design and statement-making in nature. One swipe through his feed and you’ll be instilled with a sense of confidence and happiness! 



Ryan Clark 

Sharp tailoring, earthy colours and just the most snazzy business casual looks, Ryan’s feed is a delectable mix of good looks and good #lewks! Our favourite thing about his soothing mood board, though, is his trusted collection of jewelry he seems to rely on a lot. A classy golden arm stack and a minimal geometrical necklace. You may not be a jewelry junkie but having a curated and versatile stack like Ryan comes with a whole list of fashion pros! 



Marce Pedrozo 

Browse through Marce’s feed and you’ll notice a pattern. A pattern of him styling expressive and impactful looks one after the other. Find tons of experimental silhouettes, an array of prints, pretty much all the hues from the colour wheel and finally a signature style that sets him apart from the rest. Yup, Marce is brilliant at makeup and just as good with clothes and jewelry. An enviable collection of jewelry that includes biker-chic metallic numbers, playful crystal designs, elegant gold and silver jewelry and so much more! And what makes all of this better? Just how well he mixes and matches his jewelry to elevate his looks.     



Bretman Rock 

The famous TikTok star, Bretman’s style is like a time-machine that takes you from one era to the other. Experimentation is at the forefront of his fashion game and all of his ensembles have one thing in common — a whole lotta’ sass! Whether it’s a punk outfit, an athleisure look or a vintage one, his badassness is evident throughout. Naturally he complements his loud and joyous personality with equally loud jewelry that we absolutely love to drool over. What makes Bretman Rock’s jewelry game better than his fashion even is that he doesn’t follow a particular vibe. You always find something new and different and that’s what makes following his style all the more exciting! 



One key takeaway from all of these style gurus is that no matter how you dress up or what your taste veers towards, adding some form of jewelry to the mix is always a good idea! So on that note, if you’re feeling particularly inspired to try on jewelry or want to gift your male friends or family this International Men’s Day, don’t forget to check out our gift guide right here


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