ANATINA x Tanzire: The Newest Designer On The Block

ANATINA x Tanzire: The Newest Designer On The Block

Fun, distinct, bold and fierce, such is the case of our newest line of demi-fine jewelry. Designed in the jewelry capital of India, Jaipur, and handmade by skilled local artisans, our latest collaboration with ANATINA is everything you can imagine it to be and more! The ANATINA ship is captained by Aakanksha Kotawala who hails from a 200 year old family background in jewelry, which pretty much sums up where her passion for it stems from. The jewelry she crafts is more a celebration of womanhood than just something you don to beautify an outfit. 

And the way she brings her vision to life is impeccable. With a little something for everyone, the jewelry is modern in its approach with a smidge of old-world charm. The designs don’t blend and hide, rather stand out and make a statement. So to get more scoop on the brand, the demi-fine jewelry, the BTS and more, we had a quick chat with Aakanksha on all things ANATINA. Scroll ahead to get in on the gossip!  


1. What compelled you to get into jewelry designing?

Aakanksha Kotawala: The inspiration to start my label was from seeing my mother and grandmother always dress up before the day started and add small trinkets of jewellery like a pair of gold earrings studded with Polki diamonds and gold-laced bangles. While I loved fine jewellery, I always wanted to democratize the availability of beautiful, well thought-out pieces that modern-day women could style in many ways. This is pretty much what led to the birth of ANATINA. 


2. How does your jewelry translate your vision to celebrate womanhood in all its forms?

AK: Our jewellery is for the everyday woman who is equal parts fierce, independent, resilient, elegant and strong! Each piece has a story of its own, resonating with the modern-day woman and the ones before them. We strongly believe that there is something beautiful and undeniably celebratory about women who have carved their own path and treaded on their own.



3. What are some steps you take to ensure the jewelry is in sync with the environment?                                                                                   

AK: We work a lot with metal alloys and textures and we also use a lot of variations in natural stones and pearls. Secondly, a lot of our designs are inspired by the flora and fauna around. Additionally, our packaging is made of sustainable wood, and we try to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.


4. One jewelry myth you'd like to debunk.

AK: Labeling jewelry - Jewelry doesn't have to be compartmentalized in terms of gender, color or size. I strongly feel jewelry can be carried off equally well by all genders. In my opinion, every color of metal goes well with every skin tone. There are no rules for what looks good on what body type or gender, as long as the wearer is happy and confident! 


5. What are your thoughts on this collaboration with us?

AK: We are very glad and excited to be a part of Tanzire and share the platform with wonderful brands all across the globe. Given Tanzire’s global reach, we’re positive that it will help us grow because as a small business, an association like this puts us on the world map! 



6. Which is your most favorite piece of jewelry and how do you like to style it?

AK: That's a trick question! My personal favourite is the Lady D Choker. Due to its versatility, I like to style it in multiple ways. For instance, with an all-white overall for a brunch, with an off-shoulder satin blouse for a dinner and even an ethnic garment during Diwali. 



7. Finally, what is the story behind the name ANATINA?

AK: It's an amalgamation of my mother's name and my name. ANA from Anamika, and TINA from my name (Yes, it's my nickname!)


While there is no perfect way to end this, we can only say one thing, our Monday just got a whole lot better with a fine addition to our community of seasoned female jewelry designers! 

To shop ANATINA’s collection, click here


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