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Exclusive: Jewelry Designer behind Lamcy

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Tanzire talks to one of Vietnam’s renowned contemporary jewelry designer Jasmine, and the journey of her brand Lamcy making ethical moder handmade jewelry. 

Tanzire: Could you introduce yourself?


Jasmine: I am a contemporary jewelry designer from Hong Kong. I started jewelry design 3 years ago and has started Lamcy 藍秋燕 in 2017. Currently, I am living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. 
Tanzire: Tell us about the inception of Lamcy. What jewelry problem were you looking to solve for the modern women?


Jasmine: Before I am a jewelry designer, I traveled a lot. I always felt it is difficult to find jewelry that matches different outfits so I end up having to bring a lot of different pieces while I was traveling. I want to create something that is versatile and unique enough for most of the occasions. 
Tanzire: Give us a tour of your design studio. How does it rekindle the Lamcy aesthetic? How has Hong Kong inspired the origins of the brand? 
Jasmine: I have my studio at home. I like working whenever I feel like I have the inspiration. It’s very personal and functional. Hong Kong is my hometown and I want to create contemporary jewelry because it is ever evolving and creative, which is just like Hong Kong 
Tanzire: As a designer how does your own approach to personal style influences the designing elements?

Jasmine: I like different shapes and present them in an organic structure. Blue is the meaning of my surname so at the moment I am using blue for all the colored jewelry to represent myself. 
Tanzire: How would you define your appreciation and affinity for handmade jewelry? 
Jasmine: Handmade jewelry is unique in every piece. It presents the craftsmanship as well as the creativity of the jeweler. 
Tanzire: What is one question you wish people asked you more often?


Jasmine: I hope people will start noticing more about contemporary jewelry. So the question could be “what is the difference between contemporary and classic jewelry?” 
Tanzire: Do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s complex conversations like mass produced jewelry? How do you hope Lamcy can play a role in this shift?

Jasmine: I do think creativity exists in both handmade or mass produced jewelry. It is just a matter of degree. I hope Lamcy can keep a balance between the two. I am keen to design contemporary jewelry but with certain commercial elements so the jewelry can be more versatile. 

You can shop Lamcy’s contemporary handmade jewelry from Tanzire‘s Back To Basic Collection.

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