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Atelier Swarovski x Penélope Cruz

At a tender age of seven, Penelopé Cruz would take the fashion magazines from her mother’s salon and with her pen would start drawing jewelry and clothing on the featured models. “I didn’t have any jewelry growing up, the actress tells Vogue.” “Just a few tiny earrings and a red garnet ring from my grandmother, Modesta.”

Fast forward to now, Penélope Cruz has been a household name with her brilliant acting prowess and scintillating Academy Award performances. And the passion for jewelry in fact never left her as she has made numerous appearances on red carpets with stunning wardrobe and equally impressive jewelry to match it.

So what’s the big deal about Penelopé Cruz and Swarovski collaboration? Well, the difference is really powerful, because this dynamic team has brought ‘sustainable jewelry’ for the betterment of the planet.

Cruz and Swarovski Atelier debuted their fine jewelry collection in Paris at Apicius, in a 19th-century villa. It’s a collection inspired by the actress’s own personal style that tells her story with a Hollywood glamour.


“It’s not a fake project where you just give your name to a brand, I’ve been part of every decision. I don’t have to lie about anything in the collection,” she adds.

Penélope’s new jewelry range called the Cocktail Of The New – Fine Jewelry Collection, has been formulated using lab-created diamonds and rubies by Swarovski. With the launch of this collection, Atelier Swarovski announced its deepening commitment to conscious luxury and drifting away from the practice of mining gems. The company said it would focus on creating more of lab-grown stones which are far more sustainable for the environment.

When asked about any of her personal favorites from the collection, she adoringly mentioned a ring crafted of three pear-shaped, lab-created rubies and enveloped by lab-created diamonds. Cruz says, “I had a ring that my grandmother had given me that was garnets, and it was stolen or lost. So we did this ring as a homage to that. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

Nadja Swarovski, Founder and Creative Director of Atelier Swarovski said: “It has been a true pleasure to work together with Penlopé and jointly explore Atelier Swarovski’s commitment to conscious luxury. The collection combines flawless red carpet elegance with responsible craftsmanship and sourcing. We are embarking on the next step in our ongoing sustainability journey by introducing Fairtrade Gold to our fine jewelry collections.”


This move by Swarovski is definitely a stepping stone in the jewelry industry and also mark its foray into becoming a leader in the conscious luxury segment. We hope they rope in more celebrity collaborations for promoting ethically-made jewelry. 
To explore Penélope Cruz’s conscious jewelry collection, please click here.

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