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Glam up your work-life with the unique-everyday-handmade-jewelry

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When it comes to weekdays, we all think of work (ughhhh) and the boring “9-6” work life. And when it comes to waking up early and getting ready for work, wearing jewelry is definitely the last thought on the mind. Well, what if we tell you that we have done our homework and are all set to make your work-life a little interesting? Gear up and get ready to discover a whole new world of handmade jewelry from around the world, to spice up your work life. And! It’s all below $200! (excited?)


Trying to keep it classy without looking too overdone? Well, if yes, then our Cosmic-Thick Ring cum pendant from Vietnam is your perfect-go-to thing. This one is gold plated along with sterling silver topped with acrylic painting with resin. Wear it as a ring or as a pendant, it just all depends on your mood.


Rings are said to be a girl’s best friend and when at work, we’re sure, you don’t want to miss on your new bestie: our Sun Kissed Ring inspired from the alley’s of Portugal. The gold plating, along with the cubic zirconia stones, complements all color schemes, making it a go-to-accessory for any outfit.


Tassel Earrings are the highlight of 2018 and it would be unfair to not mention them in our work-collection. All the way curated and made in Morocco, these Hebba Cone Tassel Earrings will bring a new twist to your everyday look. Handcrafted brass cone with raised dot detail embellished with a silky tassel will bring a new-edgy-you.

It’s the TGIF ring!! Just as colorful and bright like a Friday evening, because what’s better than a weekend, right ladies? Originated from Hong Kong, it’s all about sterling silver, midnight blue druzy stone, and not only can you wear it to your regular day at the office, but you can also dress it up after-work drinks or even a date night with bae 

Because jewelry should be joyful besides being elegant. Presenting the Mandara Spritz Multi from the Mandara Series, that celebrates earthy textures in a refined and modern language. When you look good, you feel good, and then the hustle will definitely make its way. Wear it with a simple outfit or a no-makeup face (it’s Monday, ughhh), this statement necklace will just make your day.


What’s a better way to start your day with these amazingly-fantastingly-jewelry curated from all around the world? From drab to glam or just add that ‘X Factor’ to your everyday work outfit and life, these work-jewelries are the best and we’re already kinda obsessed with them. And remember, your jewelry should be just like you: Chic, Edgy, and Powerful.

More power to all the girls out there hustling hard every day. Already wondering where to buy these pieces from? Check out our Instagram page and DM us to order. Oh, did I mention that the shipping is absolutely free?

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