Grazia India’s Fashion Features Editor, Tanya Mehta, Lets Us In On Her Holiday Gift List

Grazia India’s Fashion Features Editor, Tanya Mehta, Lets Us In On Her Holiday Gift List

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Most of us hoped for this holiday season to be a lot more different than the past year. Alas, it looks like we’ll be compelled to spend it like the last: mostly indoors, tucked in cozy, surrounded by our closest ones or the new-fashioned way — via Zoom. The fact of the matter is, the holidays this year need something a little more tangible to make them feel festive and cheesy. That’s where gifts come into play and jewelry undoubtedly tops the holiday gift list! Nothing says I Love You like a luxe piece of jewel one can wear all year-'round and feel like their best selves.  


So who better than a fashion insider to guide us on how we should navigate the gift-buying process this season, right? That’s why we got in touch with Tanya Mehta, Grazia India’s fashion features editor (whose list, BTW, comprises a few of Tanzire delights) to ask her what she’s gifting her close ones and what people should keep in mind when buying jewelry for others. Read on for our conversation with her!



1) What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season? 

“It's been an eventful year for me and I've fortunately had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, so what I'm looking forward to the most is some downtime – a chance to catch up on some good shows, finally begin reading those books that are catching dust on my side table and working out again. I also absolutely savor the rare cooler months we get in Bombay so it's going to be many lazy afternoons and lots of cake.” 


2) What are your favorite Tanzire picks and who are you gifting them to? 

“I love the Leila gold plated bangles by Anatina that I would gift to my mom. The dangling gold beads exude a festive vibe and this piece would look equally good on a sari or a day dress. 

I would love to gift my best friend the Bibi pearl necklace by Buccarello; these pearls remind me of carefree vacations by the ocean and this would look great even beyond the beach. 

And finally, I would gift my cousin the Zodiac necklace by Imjila. I love how the pendant is speckled with Swarovski crystals and it's also a great piece of jewelry to stack up with your other necklaces.”

18K Gold Plated Leila Bangle


Handmade Bibi Pearl Necklace


Capricorn Swarovski Zodiac Necklace


3) Most importantly, what are you gifting yourself? 

“For myself, I picked the chain link earrings by PD Paola. I like that they're detachable and can be worn as simple hoops and at a longer length for a night out. And I also picked the Zirconia choker necklace by AJ&Co. I love how delicate it is and I can't wait to wear it the next time I dress up!” 


Tanya Mehta


Detachable Chain Link Gold Earrings


Choker Necklace with Zirconias


4) An important piece of advice you'd like to give when it comes to picking jewelry for others.

“When you’re buying jewelry for others, always remember to ascertain their personality and also to look for pieces that are timeless. I spent most of my teenage years hoarding trendy junk jewelry that began to look outdated quite quickly and I also had an entire phase of buying large, statement pieces that I don't wear anymore. And chances are, the same will happen with other people too. So, it’s important to buy a piece that's versatile and can be styled differently, preferably in a subtle gold/silver polish so it doesn't overwhelm the person or the outfit. And lastly, always buy something good quality that will serve you well for the years to come.”  


Tanya Mehta

5) Talk to us about the importance of self-gifting.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, we've been constantly seeking ways to uplift our spirits and self-gifting is one of the many ways to get that micro-dose of dopamine we’ve been craving all too much.I personally love jewelry. I never leave the house without putting on a pair of gold hoops and a tennis bracelet, it can make the simplest of outfits look much cooler.”


6) Why did you pick jewelry as a holiday gift?

“While jewelry perfectly mirrors the sparkle and shine of the festive season, I also think it's an incredibly personal gift that can be curated best to the taste of your loved one. It's classic and will stand the test of time!” 




Jewelry has a certain charm to it that makes it such a covetable holiday gift, just as Tanya explained. Not only is it fail-safe but it has the ability to say things that sometimes can’t be described with words. Lastly, if you have someone special that lives far away from you, use the digital E-gift card to your advantage and surprise them even from a distance!

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