The Best Demi-Fine Jewelry For The Sagittarius In Your Life

The Best Demi-Fine Jewelry For The Sagittarius In Your Life

One of the most enviable things about Sagittarians is their time of the year actually happens to be a world-favorite time of the year. Who isn’t looking forward to the year-end festivities and the new year itself, right? It’s no wonder where this energetic group gets their bold and bright personalities from. As opposed to these characteristics, Sagittarians are believed to have a comparatively laid back and casual take on style and fashion. But when it comes to jewelry, they use it like a motor to pump up the drama of their looks. Quite intelligent and fun how they balance the dazzle, no? 

That said, the Sagittarian timeline ends on December 21 and there’s still time for you to make your Sagittarius friends happy with gifts they’ll love! Further up, we give you a few Sagittarius-forward demi-fine jewelry options to pick from. Scroll on and choose the best! 

Rainbow Glass Crystal Ear Cuff 

When it comes to Sagittarius, more color is always better! Sparkle is an added bonus. Consider INXSKY’s rainbow ear cuff to instantly add a hint of dazzle to a minimal look, kind of like how a Sagittarian would prefer. 

Rainbow Glass Crystals Ear Cuff by INXSKY, France


Asymmetrical Lapislazuli and Pearl Earrings

They’re feisty beings and hence don’t shy away from experimenting with quirky styles. Buccarello Jewellery’s asymmetrical Lapislazuli and pearl earrings will serve as the perfect pair for them to have a little fun with their outfits for the holiday season. Plus, if we’re talking about fun and perfection, pearls practically personify these two traits! 

Asymmetrical Lapislazuli and Pearl Earrings by Buccarello Jewellery, Italy


Unistone Dominique Pendant Necklace

From what we’ve read and gathered from our Sagittarius friends, blue is their go-to hue. And given their skill to strike a balance between minimal yet statement-making styles, ANATINA’s Dominique pendant has the potential to become their everyday go-to!   


Handmade Minimal Unistone Dominique Pendant by Anatina , India


Ti Amo and Ti Odio Gold Hoops

Did we mention that these amazing, beautiful creatures are fond of wearing their hearts on their sleeves? Especially when it comes to jewelry? Oh yes, we did say that, so are you still wondering why these hoops by Ilaria Ludovici Jewelry would make for one of the best presents? Listen to your gut (and us) and go for these hoops if the Sagittarius you know is fond of friendly PDA and is a general lover of all things cheesy! 

Ti Amo and Ti Odio Gold Hoop Earrings by Illaria , Italy


Sagittarius Swarovski Studded Necklace 

Last but not the least, the fail-safe constellation pendant necklace is something no Sagittarian will be able to say no to. With its classy design and lustrous charm, there’s no going wrong in Imjila’s Sagittarius Swarovski Studded Necklace

Sagittarius Swarovski Zodiac Necklace by Imjila, France


At the end of the day, though, no matter what you pick, it’ll be loved nonetheless! But gifting them things per their taste is hitting a sweet spot and why wouldn’t you want that right?

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