Your List Of 4 To-Do’s To Understand And Embrace Your Jewelry Style

Your List Of 4 To-Do’s To Understand And Embrace Your Jewelry Style

In a world of non-stop innovation, new trends come about fast and fade out faster. And it’s swifter with fashion and jewelry. In such a setting, it’s a cakewalk to feel lost and overwhelmed with what to pick, how to dress, how to stand out, etc., etc. And that’s why it’s so important to know your likes and dislikes, what represents you the best and basically to just know your style. Whether you’re here to get an idea of how to choose jewelry or an overall know-how of how to really embrace your true jewelry style, these 4 tricks of the trade (well, not really but you get the drift) will most likely prove useful. Scroll through for more! 

  • Create a mood board 
  • We can’t emphasize enough how absolutely life-changing mood boards are. Just pin jewelry styles and quotes you bend toward, your inspirations, the colors you’re most attracted to all in one place. Having a full-fledged overview of the jewelry you have a penchant for will unquestionably give you a good sense of what you need to wear more of. 



  • Observe your existing jewelry collection 
  • Not to sound philosophical but you are your biggest mentor. Or at least when it comes to jewelry. How? Your current collection will have a mix of styles some of which you may just like and some that you’re obsessed with. But that will tell you exactly what you love more and love less. So that’s half your work done there, just glance at your own collection!

  • Observe your closet  
  • Yes, the popular advice is to smash any jewelry do’s and dont’s but that may not necessarily be good advice for aesthetics. Even experimentation needs some sort of rules and balance! So it’s good to observe your closet to see which jewelry pieces go well with most of your clothes. Teaming the two (clothes and jewelry) together, in our opinion, is the best way to truly understand and solidify your likes in your mind!

  • Analyze your generic design affinity
  • Fads keep changing. So today the world may be obsessed with minimal jewelry and tomorrow with statement. But if you don’t vibe with either of them, chances are you’re not going to be able to pull off the look. So, analyze your design preferences on a daily, what you find yourself wearing the most, the design balance that resonates with you most even when it comes to things like the way you decorate your room. That will tell you whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or a moderated mix of two at heart. 


    Much like finding your purpose in life, finding your jewelry style and then really accentuating it in the best ways is a gradual process. So our advice — don’t forget to have fun and try on a variety while on your bling quest!

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